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Curriculum Outline

cover The SCORE Curriculum Outline is a list of patient care and medical knowledge topics to be covered in a five-year general surgery residency training program. Originally published in 2008, the outline is updated annually with input from SCORE member organizations and specialty surgical organizations. It has been approved by SCORE as the basis for a full surgical residency curriculum.

The patient care outline consists of 28 organ system-based categories containing a total of 574 topics. Each category is separated into diseases/conditions (broad and focused) and operations/procedures (essential-common, essential-uncommon, and complex). The medical knowledge section contains 13 categories and 81 topics.

The SCORE Curriculum Outline for 2013-2014 is now available. For this year's edition, some procedures have been consolidated and several Complex topics removed. The Excel version contains separate tabs listing all changes made this year. Note the topics listed in the outline may not directly match those currently on the SCORE Portal—this outline is forward-looking, reflecting the latest updates.

Core Curriculum Outline for Vascular Surgery Residents

A similar outline has been created specifically for integrated vascular surgery residents. The SCORE Core Curriculum Outline for Vascular Surgery Residents is a list of patient care and medical knowledge topics, derived from the SCORE Curriculum Outline for General Surgery Residency, representing the core surgical knowledge expected of individuals who complete integrated vascular surgery residency programs.

SCORE Curriculum Outline for Vascular Residents - PDF version

Flexible Endoscopy Curriculum

The American Board of Surgery has announced a new requirement for ABS certification in general surgery. Completion of the ABS Flexible Endoscopy Curriculum will be required of certification applicants who complete residency in the  2017-2018 academic year of thereafter.

The Flexible Endoscopy Curriculum contains direct links to related SCORE modules and resources (see Appendices A and B), to assist residents in gaining the essential knowledge and skills to perform flexible endoscopy.

ABS Flexible Endoscopy CurriculumPDF

Updated: March 7, 2014