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Curriculum Outline

This Week in SCORE (TWIS)

SCORE is pleased to present This Week in SCORE® (TWIS), a new feature to assist general surgery residents and training programs in navigating the SCORE Portal’s content. TWIS is a sequence of suggested topics over a two-year cycle. Each week a new topic (content area) is featured, along with several associated modules. Using TWIS, a categorical resident will cover all of the portal's core content at least twice in a five-year residency.

The TWIS sequence of topics with associated modules and categories for the next two academic years (2014-2015 and 2015-2016) is now available in PDF and Excel versions:*

TWIS may be used by programs for didactic conference planning or by residents to create self-study plans. Programs can select certain modules to highlight within a weekly topic and/or create separate junior and senior tracks. There are also four weeks "off" per year, to allow time for catching up or individual review.

Over the next several months, TWIS will be integrated into the SCORE Portal to allow a seamless user experience. This integration will include a weekly trackable quiz for residents to assess their knowledge on the week's topic. SCORE eventually plans for TWIS to be "modular," permitting programs to create their own custom schedules.

*As new modules are added to the portal, these documents will be updated with links to the new content.

Curriculum Outline for General Surgery Residency

cover The SCORE Curriculum Outline for General Surgery Residency is a list of patient care and medical knowledge topics to be covered in a five-year general surgery residency training program. Originally published in 2008, the outline is updated annually.

The patient care outline consists of 28 organ system-based categories with 544 total topics. Each category is separated into diseases/conditions (broad and focused) and operations/procedures (essential-common, essential-uncommon, and complex). The medical knowledge section contains 13 categories and 79 topics.

The Excel version contains separate tabs listing all changes made this year. Note the topics listed in the outline may not directly match those currently on the SCORE Portal—this outline is forward-looking, reflecting the latest updates.

    American Board of Surgery
    Flexible Endoscopy Curriculum

    The American Board of Surgery has announced a new requirement for certification in general surgery. The ABS Flexible Endoscopy Curriculum will be required of certification applicants who complete residency in the 2017-2018 academic year or thereafter.

    The Flexible Endoscopy Curriculum contains links to SCORE modules and resources (see Appendices A and B), to assist residents in gaining the knowledge and skills to perform flexible endoscopy.

    Updated: October 2014